Do you want to know what’s the first step of procastination? It’s taking time out of writing to build your website.

Unfortunately it’s something you have to do even though it does distract you from what you should be doing and that is writing.

But if you’re serious about getting yourself out there and becoming published then this is something that has to be done. Or so I’ve heard:-)

So, my life consists of being a full time nurse manager, a part time wife and mother (thanks to the most supportive family and super fabulous husband) and when I’m not doing that then I’m a writer every chance I get.

And when I’m not writing, I’m plotting and brainstorming and using every opportunity I can to perfect my work.

So join me on my journey and share the joy and pain and laughter and everything else that I go through as I try and wait for that call that I know is going to come one day soon:-)


2 thoughts on “Hi

  1. Hi Kammy!! This is NOT procrastination – this is a fantastic step forward. Yayee. I need to come up to Auckland and give you a pat on the back. I’ll let you know when 😉

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