In the Zone- Plotting or pantsing- whats the difference

Over the last few days or weeks I’ve been writing up a storm which is a good thing. It’s amazing how much you can write when the ideas suddenly come to you. I am not sure whether it’s because I am so looking forward to the Romance writers conference or I am just in the zone but I am making use of this energy which is a good thing for me.
The one thing that has helped with my writing has been having an idea and getting a little more of an idea as to where the story is going. All this time I prided myself on being a pantser. I was dead set against being anything but because I didn’t want to stem that creative stream and what I’ve realised is that it’s okay to be a pantser but having your conflict sussed makes it easier to write. It makes your writing stronger and you’re then able to write and your characters then behave themselves and act they way they’re meant to.
Isn’t it funny that it’s taken me that long to learn that little lesson?
Well if nursing has taught me anything, it’s that you learn every day and that you never stop and writing is the same. So here’s to learning and writing and changing and the future:-)
Have fun


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