RWNZ 2011 Conference and Everything After

It’s a little hard to believe that it’s over. But this is typical me. I wait for something and some parts surpassed my expectations and some parts left me feeling empty and lost and knowing that life is too precious to waste and then before you know it, all those great affirmations are suddenly something you thought were great ideas at the time and now you wonder for a while if it was something you imagined or something you dreamed. So maybe before those great feelings run away I should get it all down and cement it so that I never forget this weekend that passed was special and it made me realise I was closer than ever to a dream I’ve had for a while.

On Thursday I met up with my roomie Tyree and this was fab because I could never ask for a better crit partner. When I’m flaking and losing sight of the plot-literally, it’s Tyree’s voice that calms me down and talks me down the ledge. She’s my rock. My secret weapon and the person I’ll be sitting next to when we’re both best selling authors:-)

Then we had an early start the next morning- and let me tell you- I am not a morning person but I wanted to go to the cold read session with Angela James. I chose my medical that is a partial currently with an editor at harlequin. After having my work read out by the lovely Susan, I realised that the ladies in the room actually loved my work because they did find the humour entertaining. What made my day was when the person behind me said she’d buy the book after hearing the first two pages of it- and then Angela said she liked it too, I knew it was a great start to the conference.

I was nervous though because I was going to be the first one to pitch to Lucy Gilmour from Harlequin. Lucy had read my work before because I had won a pitch in 2009 and had the pleasure of sending in a full request and she requested revisions. Lucy was very kind and wanted to see more of my work but of course I had been gunshy. So I was extremely nervous and Tyree had to calm me down (yet again). Then Lucy called me in. When I went in and introduced myself, the first thing Lucy did was hugged me and said that she was wanting to meet me- That had to be the highlight of my weekend. That and meeting a certain medical author. But having Lucy talk about my work and having her remember my work was awesome. We got to chatting about my manuscript that I had previously submitted which she really liked. She liked my voice- which was great. Lucy was  easy to talk to and professional and I loved it.  I was having a great start to the conference.

It did get better from there,  because  I then got to meet my most favourite medical Mills and Boon medical romance writer Amy Andrews. I think that was an amazing moment even though I did think I was a star struck  and acting kinda crazy but what would you do if you met someone who you truly adored. What I did find out is Amy is a gorgeous person, with a great sense of humour and when she told me that she started writing medicals when she read a medical romance where a Dr passed a patient a bedpan, I knew this was my kind of writer.

Everybody in the writing world is so supportive and amazing that it’s hard to imagine how I would survive in a world that doesn’t have romance writers in it. But I have to admit I did enjoy the session with the sword fighting and those guys knew their weapons. And thanks to Tyree I eventually did get a photo with Silver the sword wielding Prince? Maybe?

I think that Adele, the conference committee and the rest of RWNZ did an amazing job in providing us with an outstanding conference. Erin(the wonder-woman who organised the hotel events etc.) was just a little star. I have never seen anyone who was so interested in other people and so caring and attentive.

The speakers were just superb. Talking to Maria v. Snyder was just such an experience. She is such a lovely person and the fact that she is a master of weapons- wow.

Bob Mayer- a fascinating man who has so much to share- Writing it forward- a must buy.

It was great catching up with friends and loopies, great to put faces to names. It’s always an event I look forward to.

Unfortunately things did get very sad and Sandra Hyde (Hyatt) an amazing, talented beautiful woman took ill and we all could feel the sorrow and we could feel the love.

I realise that Life is really hard. And it’s so easy to lose sight of what’s important. It’s so easy to say, wait. So easy to say I have enough time or it’s okay, I still can do this in a year or two or five. But the question is, is this what makes your heart sing? Is this what you want to be doing? And if it isn’t…then why aren’t you doing what you want to???

I know we all get so busy with life, I know because that’s me in a nutshell. The only person standing in your way is you so hopefully we all move forward and venture forth bravely to take that first step to achieve that dream. See you on the better side of success:-))




One thought on “RWNZ 2011 Conference and Everything After

  1. Great blog Kamy 🙂 Isn’t Lucy just lovely? When you get pubbed keep your fingers crossed she’s your ed. They’re all fab but sigh..I just love Lucy!!

    So great meeting you but your pic is better than mine 😦


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