Perplexed Much!!!!!

I used my good friend google to look up perplexed. I think it sounds much better than ‘to feel completely baffled’. Well here’s my problem. I am trying and I use the word trying very lightly, I am trying to get my High Five entry ready for a contest and I am also trying to get a first chapter done to enter into the New Voices contest and the problem I am having is a little bit of writers block. So I am perplexed or completely baffled as to what my next move should be.

At the best of times I find it very hard to get motivated and stay motivated. If you let me write for a weekend, I can write away and forget there’s a life going on around me but unfortunately I have been unable to do that due to parental responsibilities and this makes it impossible for me to write and to be honest I feel like I am losing a part of myself. Is that sad or what? Who knew that writing would become such an important part of my life and of me that when I don’t write I don’t feel whole or happy or part of anything special.

In a way it’s good because it means that writing has become more important in my life and in a way it’s not so good because it does mean I become a meanie when I don’t get my fix. But I’m glad that my writing is going to the next level, I just need to figure out how it’s all going to work in my life and how I am going to organise my life around my writing so it works for me.

Now if only I can get these characters to behave in the same way it would be way cool. My sexy playboy doctor needs to show this nurse how to have some fun in her life and all will be good in the world. But that story is for another day.




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