Our Heroes and why we love them!!!

And the ALL BLACKS Win…

After an adrenaline pumped match- the All Blacks won the 2011 Rugby World Cup. I am going to say that I have never watched so much rugby in all my life and not only did I watch the game but I also got involved and learnt about rugby and the players. But what I couldn’t get over was how calm and collected those captains were. Richie and Terry were like rocks and I swear at the end, I did not want to be in a closed space with that French Captain because he might have maintained his calm but he was like a bomb waiting to explode.

But it actually got me thinking about Heroes and why we write them the way we do and what we like about those strong silent types. And let me say, it’s always those strong silent types that attract us. Is it the mystery that they are?

I am not sure but somehow, deep down inside I think we all love the dark silent types. I think it was Jane Austin’s Darcy who can sum this up best. As pompous and proud as he was, it was the fact that he would do anything for Elizabeth but couldn’t actually tell her that he loved her until it was too late and even when he tried, it came out as an insult that shows us that even though we had every reason not to like him, we were all totally besotted with him. Some of it might have been the movie and the sight of Colin Firth walking out of the woods in that white shirt, I don’t know- I know I was a Darcy fan from then:-)

Those Alpha heroes that keep us guessing at every turn. I love the challenge of those mighty men. As woman we are drawn to them because it is in our nature to break them down and make them more than who they can be.

So when I write my heroes, I like them alpha. They have to be strong and they have to be the sort of man who does everything for the woman he loves even if he can’t put it into words. For me a hero doesn’t have to be the man who puts on a cape and flies off to save the world, but he is the man who is there by your side through good times and bad. He’s the man who will change the world around, just for you. Just so you can be right.

So what kind of heroes do you write?

Happy writing



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