Happy Valentine’s Day

Have you always believed in love? Or have you known true love?

I know I was meant to be a romance writer because I have always believed in happy endings and riding off into the sunset. But I know that life isn’t a fairytale and I know that real life is hard and it takes a lot of work and compromise. I’ve been married for so long I’ll admit I’ve gone a little lazy. Last night a very romantic, lovely lady reminded me that I should never take the person I adore for granted and I realised she was right.

I write romance because I love the happy endings but it’s never about that, it’s about the journey and although we never see what happens after we write-THE END_, it’s that sigh at the end that makes us believe inside that no matter what comes their way, these two people will survive it.

So me stopping by at the supermarket at 9pm to get a card or my husband after- not doing it for a few years- sending me flowers and a teddy bear and making me feel spoilt isn’t what it’s all about-it’s that ongoing awesome life you build together, that unbreakable bond and that feeling that you get. Yes- that weak-in-the-knees-feeling- you get after sixteen years together- that’s what it’s about.

I hope you all have it or find it. No one should be without.



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