Totally Distracted!!!!

Okay so here goes. I am not the most patient person in the world. Does that surprise you? If it does- you don’t know me very well. In fact you don’t know me at all. So here I was making very good progress on my WIP- getting much closer to that 20000 word target by this weekend than I have been in a while and now I’m in distraction hell.

So what now? Go back to basics maybe. I don’t know. As a writer what do you do when you find yourself unable to write. Do you have a routine, ritual? Do you chant a hundred times and throw good vibes all across the room?

Well I am willing to try anything right now. So I’ve done what I usually do. I’ve lit my scented candles. I’m already in my pink robe, sitting in my writing space and I have my writing soundtrack.

As soon as I clear my mind I will try and settle down and try and write and if all else fails I’ll do the next best thing. READ.

Fingers crossed it works. And in the next life- let me be blessed with patience:-)

Happy writing.


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