Writing three dimensional characters

Have you ever watched a movie and thought- that’s really bad acting.The character is is just flat and not at all believable.

For me when I look at my main characters in my WIP, it’s like casting an actor in a movie to make sure I have the right person playing the right part. That makes me the director.

I get to know my characters so well I can tell you what they like to do on a  lazy Sunday morning? What makes them cry and what makes them smile. But none of this comes easy and you never know all of this on page one.

Editors like character driven stories because those are the stories that come alive and we as readers can relate to those the most.

So what makes our characters three dimensional? It’s taking them from being that person driving in the car next to you, to being that mother screaming at her children,  unkempt hair and smudged make-up, huge tear rolling down her cheek.

Instantly you go from not even noticing the man in the car driving alongside you to starting to ask questions about the mother in the car with the children. Why is she screaming? Why is her make-up smudged? Why the tears?  Do you get the picture?

So when you start thinking of your characters you need to start digging deeper. It’s like pulling them apart and colouring them in.  Ask yourself-  Why do they react to things a certain way? What happened in their past to make them the way they are? What happened that morning to make them act that way? And while you’re doing that- remember to keep the suspense. You want them to keep reading:-)




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