Believe in yourself and you can become published

It was years ago when I sat down reading a book, getting frustrated by the lack of plot and thought, ‘I can do better than this.’ If someone thinks it’s easy to sit down and write a book, they are so wrong. Even William Shakespeare had his share of critics. But the one thing you have to do, is believe in yourself and work hard.

When I decided to do what I have been doing all my life, which is write and pursue the dream of becoming published, the best thing I could do was discover Romance Writers of New Zealand. You could never find a more supportive group of people who are willing to share their knowledge, their love and their passion for what they hold dear. I could tell people about this journey and all I have been through but to be honest the only people who will really understand will be fellow romance writers. The reason I say romance writers and not writers per say is because even now when I say to people, I have just made my first sale. The first thing they say is, ‘You aren’t writing the next ‘Fifty Shades of Grey,’ are you?

People are never going to move away from the idea that romance is all about the bodice rippers or the doctor nurse romances that’s all about a nurse trying to land herself a rich doctor. After all, isn’t that why we became nurses? Wish someone had told me that before I got married <LOL> But I digress. What everybody doesn’t understand is that as romance writers we love to take our readers on that great emotional journey.

When you close that book, we actually want you to keep thinking about those people in that story, because yes they are people to us writers. We want you to love them as much as we do and sometimes we want you to hate them too.

The point I am trying to make is for me writing is a passion. When I got the email that Red Sage was going to offer me a contract for my book I had to look twice and I still look at the contract to make sure it’s addressed to me. But believing in dreams should be what motivates us all. If we don’t believe in ourselves how can we expect anyone else to believe in us.

I wish you all well.

Believe in yourself. You deserve to



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