Murder she Wrote:-)

Cooking shows seem to be the rave at the moment. At least in my home they are. But last night as we watched MKR, my hubby said, we should enter and I couldn’t help but laugh and say, there is no way you and I can work well together in a situation like that.

It did get me thinking to what I do to my characters though and I have never thought about that until now. I write sexy romance, medical settings and recently- romantic suspense. Now add some adrenaline to the mix, some deep rooted conflicts, a dash of attraction, maybe even a murder, a kidnapping and who knows what can happen in these books. Have you ever been frustrated in real life with someone, really frustrated, like mad enough that you wanted to use the Snakes-on-a-Plane line? You know which one I’m talking about- the ‘get these…..of this…..plane.’ Except, you’d say get the bleep bleep out of my bleep bleep sight. I can’t say the real words, I’ll get into trouble with my kids. Tell me you haven’t named a character after the person and then killed them off?

If you’re wondering what this has to do with a cooking show, then think about this. I thought about it as I watched the contestants panic and go through the stress of it all. I thought, wow, imagine the ways you can think of to kill every one of those characters. What better way to win the contest than to kill off the competition?

After all hasn’t it already been said if you were a character in my book I would have killed you by now:-)

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Happy writing





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