Let’s talk about sex

Confession time. It’s getting a little too real. I got a look at what my cover is going to look like for my first book and talk about steamy;-). They say the cover has to set the tone for the book and it does. Today I gave a sneak preview to my director and she said, ‘I can’t wait to read it’. Okay that got me thinking. How many others are going to be reading this book? This book that’s not 50 Shades of Grey but more like 35 Shades of Purple (If anyone knows me- purple is my favorite color- so I will go with purple). So, begs the question, what if my mother/Boss/Director reads this? How will I handle that?

Swallows lump in throat and then holds head up high. Soooo, my books are sensual, but it’s my characters that are having all the fun. NOT ME. So once I get past that, I’m okay. I’m able to look past the fact that mum does want a copy. More than willing to look past the fact that mum-in-law might decide she wants to read what the fuss has been about. And while all this is happening, of course it’s hubby who walks around with the big smile on his face because people will now think, wow- ain’t he the lucky man. If only.

But let’s get serious here folks, if there is anything I have learned about sexual tension that I didn’t know before, it’s that there are actually twelve steps to intimacy and you cannot skip any steps. You need to listen to Linda Howard who spoke at the RWA conference to learn more. There are many interpretations of what Linda has said but I find it fascinating and oh so true.

The most important thing is not the act itself, but the lead up to it.

Well that’s all I have for now.

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Happy writing



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