It’s Official

get-published Years ago I had a dream that came true today. It’s still hard to believe that the day is here but it’s official.

Today I won’t go on about how hard it was to get here,because that goes without saying. Everyone knows that if you want something bad enough you have to work hard to get it.

But I will thank the people who got me here. The divine power that makes us all who we are and guides us, the angels who always come when we call and are in need. My husband who never said no when it mattered and when it came to pursuing my dreams, you know you will always be the hero and the man who gets me. To my children who make me proud every single day, you’re the greatest gifts I will ever have, I love you. To my parents who made me who I am. To the people who supported me through this journey, too many to name. To Tyree Connor, my crit partner and my rock, without you I would never have come so far. Love you, love you. To my editor Monica Peters and Red Sage for taking a chance on me, thank you. Last but not least to RWNZ, my secret weapon, without the help and support of the lovely women in the organization, I would not have followed this journey as quickly.

To my readers, I leave you with this, I love a good story. One that takes you on that journey and gets you lost in its magic but always promises a happy ending.

My first book was not the type of book I normally write but it is the type of book I normally read. I do hope you enjoy it and for those of you that know me, how about you tell me you skipped the sex scenes and I don’t have to look the other way when we meet again.

Have fun;-)



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