Confession Time

It is perfectly okay to write garbage–as long as you edit brilliantly.
– C. J. Cherryh
manwithgunOkay, so here’s the deal. I am busy with edits and it’s going well. Well enough for me to realize that sometimes I wonder where my heads at when I am writing, but there you go. I am extremely lucky to have an awesome publisher and an amazing editor who lets me see things differently.
But I digress, what else is new, you say.
Seeing as I am doing a lot of promo for the book Falling into Paradise, I am going to make a wee confession. So here goes. The book is definitely fictional and if Damon was real, damn I’d be in sooo much trouble, people often ask writers if we base our characters on real life people. I never do.
I have always had the characters in my head and I can tell you exactly what Damon and Sophie are like, I can tell you how Paige looks at Damon and how much he adores that little girl.
The weird thing about being a writer, it’s almost as though, you’re the director of a movie and when it’s your character’s turn to speak or move, you walk and talk and speak exactly like that character.
My book was based in the USA, so my characters had accents and it was really cool. But there is one thing I do remember very clearly, it was being very frustrated with someone I worked with at the time, and you would never believe what happened? A character appeared in the story, just when I was most frustrated and…I killed her. Well not really, like not physically with my hands, or a gun, but she died, in the book. It was really sad. Sob…..sob, don’t I love my job<LOL>  Well I have to go back to edits on my book Breathe Again. Be nice to me, you never know who will be in my next book:-)

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