Get down with it

dancingI know it’s been a while since I’ve been blogging here. But to be honest I feel like I’ve been jetting all over the world getting jiggy with it as I promote my debut release Falling into Paradise. I can’t believe how quickly time flies. But one thing has been clear, I have been having so much of fun.

But it’s time to knuckle down and get to work and for me the biggest procrastinator of all time that isn’t always easy. I usually find some really good reasons to not start a project but I’m all out of reasons and so it’s on to my next book. Which is very exciting, if you have read my debut book, I am writing Wolfe’s story.

I had the hard job of sifting through really ripped, hot, delectable men to see who would be a good fit for Wolfe. I have to say it was really hard. I had to stare at those men for long periods of time to make sure I was choosing the exact right person for Wolfe because he is such a larger than life man. A writer’s life is really very difficult.

But seriously- when I start a new story- the first thing I start with is the characters. What they look like? Their names. Often their names may give me some clues to their background or where they come from. Then this could lead to little things about their character. By now I am filling out a character sketch and getting a feel for my characters. As I get to know them a little better, I get to know what motivates them and their identity and their essence, then I know what their conflicts are going to be.

With that locked it, I know that these two are meant for each other but there will be things keeping them apart.

Some writers interview their characters, I tend to watch them interact instead. I get to know them by seeing how they interact with each other rather than seeing how they react to me. I’d rather see my characters get down with it and then, I take them and push them till they ache for each other. Yes, I am a masochist at times.

Happy reading and until next time:-)


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