Cause and effect

_Two_Happy_Bananas_Dancing_Together_clipart_imageBefore I start rambling on, I hope everyone has had a Great Easter and you’re not in sugar overload.

Okay, so I haven’t been writing but I have been researching and reading. To prove my point I might even share a gem or two with you:-)

Have you ever asked yourself this question. Do you move from cause to effect or from effect to cause?

Do you need an example? Let’s see.

1. ‘The man’s soft curse was all that could be heard in the empty room as he slipped on the banana peel.’

Well looking at it, you might think it’s okay. But there are many ways to improve a sentence like this in a way that draws the reader in and makes them feel exactly what this man is feeling.

2. ‘His step faltered as he slid forward and landed with a hard thud on the cement floor. His muttered curse fell flat in the empty room.’

Do you like sentence 1 or 2?

By writing in chronological order, you take the reader on a journey whether you mean to or not. That’s what it’s all about, that emotional journey because if the reader is not invested in your story or your characters, then they will certainly not want to finish the book. At the moment I am reading a lovely book by Karina Bliss called the Stand-in-Wife and everyone knows that I am the tortured hero kinda girl but, Karina has such a way with pulling you in and making you care that you can’t wait for that happy ending.

Take care

Happy reading and writing



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