When life throws lemons/swords/arrows/#whatever at you

www.indiewire.comYou would think that losing a parent when you’re half way across the world is a hard thing to deal with. Add to that a stressful job, some deadlines and sometimes you wonder how you would get from one day to the next without falling into a heap in some corner.

Then you look around and you think, well it should be getting okay. It has to right. Because I really don’t think I can stand another day in this darkness. I really can’t do this anymore. It’s cold, it’s lonely and I am not sure I can survive this.

You feel like the man in this photo. Defeated. Unable to take another step forward.

Then it hits you. It shouldn’t have been that hard in the first place. Something was always wrong and your worst fear is realised. Everything changes. But in reality, nothing changes.

You still have those deadlines. Still have that stressful job, that you need. Because lets face it, you can’t afford to go into that dark corner, because there is no one to pay the bills. So the question you have to ask yourself in that moment is, what makes you YOU?

Are you the dreamer, or the believer? Do you believe in yourself and what you can achieve?

The first time I left home was in 1991, I had to go and live in the nurses residence because in those days it was old school. You wanted to become a nurse, they made you stay in the nurses home so you behaved and didn’t get up to mischief. My dad took me there. He’d always wanted me to be a doctor. I wanted to do nursing and deep down, I knew they could never afford to send me to university and I was okay with that. When they accepted my application for nursing, I remember the lady saying, but your results are really good. I think she was trying to say, why are you wasting your time here? I digress. Back to dad, and him taking me to the nurses residence. We got a little lost and he had to ask a security guard the way. Anyway, long story short, dad said to the guard, one day my daughter is going to be matron of this hospital. That was dad for you. Always knew I was meant for more.

Well, I didn’t become matron of that hospital but I did become the equivalent.

You may ask, what’s your point?

My point is this. People may do things to put you down, make you feel less, but you don’t have to own it. You are where you are because of nobody but you. So you have deadlines?  Go and write the best damn book you can write. Make it a bestseller. Put your heart and soul into it.

The photo is from the new 300 trailer. In the last 300, I think everyone died. I think the point is not to die, but to fight back, like a hero.

I don’t know about you, but I would rather die a hero’s death than die from crying in the corner from starvation

Any thoughts?


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