Self Publishing Implosion

Quiet_Implosion_IMG_2962Today the RWNZ writer’s on the North Shore met up for a writer’s lunch. Which was an eye opener for me because I always love finding out about other people and their writing processes, but now I am beginning to realise that I might have to adjust my goals and dreams.

It is an interesting conversation to have because you listen to many people and you hear about things changing and you know the goal posts are changing every day, but you still have this perception of what you want to be and where you want to go and somehow with the world changing, you don’t realise that sometimes you might need to change with it.

I often found myself in change management situations and I am usually able to manage it very well. It was only today that I realised that maybe, there might be something to the self-publishing path and it probably needs further investigation.

It makes sense that if it’s done properly, why wouldn’t you want full rights to your book, and all of the money you have invested in your hard work as opposed to giving up your rights and taking a percentage of the profits.

So you sit there and say, she’s rambling on again, well just giving you some food for thought. I am going to do something productive and go to the RWNZ conference and find out all I can about self publishing, and then I am going to readjust my goals accordingly.

It does seem like the smart thing to do and in this day and age, who is to argue with smart.

Happy writing

Art By Judith Kreps Hawkins


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