What’s in a Title?

IMG_0029New Release

Arranged by the Stars by Kamy Chetty

Many people wonder about arranged marriages. For some people they actually work and it surprises people that arranged marriages still take place in this day and age. So you might ask me- why such a title? What does the title mean?

People who don’t come from the same culture are a little surprised when I have to explain that in the Hindu culture, astrology has a huge focus. From the moment you’re born and throughout the journey you take in life, even on the day you die, astrology has a part to play. There is a ‘good’ time- when the stars are aligned and in your favour and a ‘bad’ time when the stars are not in your favour.

This is a story about two people who come from different walks of life. Is it possible for a billionaire to fall in love with an ex-beauty queen who has a scandalous past?

Is it possible for an ex-beauty queen who has a marriage arranged to another man, to find love with this billionaire doctor? A doctor who makes her want more for herself.

Who decides our destiny? Is it the stars?

If you decide to to read this book I would love to hear your thoughts

Happy reading


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