Rewrite Your Destiny

A day after the Romance Writers Conference here in New Zealand and it is exactly how I expected it to be, me full of ideas and inspiration and ready to take on the world full steam ahead.
Although I have to admit, having been a part of the team that has been planning the conference, I am also a little bit tired and worn out.
But here’s all the memorable moments that I have to believe will now change the path of my life.
Meeting James Scott Bell





I had read almost all of his books on plot/conflict and writing and to meet him in person was really one of those unforgettable moments.
He is a down to earth person that you can listen to for hours and you just have to love his sense of humour. He spoke about plotting from the Middle, I had purchased his latest book so was prepared. He spoke about mirror moments and he made me realise, this might be one of my, mirror moments in life.

Meeting Courtney Milan

I am going to be one of those people to admit, that I didn’t know who she was until she was announced as a speaker at our conference and I had to look her up. I have heard about writers being moved and touched by speakers before. Being one of those driven people, nothing phases me too much- but Courtney Milan’s can do attitude and her entire personality was an absolute inspiration. That kind of writer is who we need to emulate. As a lawyer who gave up her job because she believes in herself- why wouldn’t I want to have her courage.

Meeting Jim Azevedo


Sometimes in life we need to take a chance on ourselves but as people who are too scared of the unknown we not only need to be inspired but we need people like Jim to give us the facts and figures and the future trends to make us feel comfortable with the decisions we make. Jim is a marketing director from Smashwords. And if you are self publishing and thinking- I am not sure this is the right thing for me right now- what I suggest you do, is take a deep breath and think about your options. The world of publishing is changing so fast that if this were back in the day- we’d be discovering the world might not be flat and it might actually be okay to jump off the edge.
It does help that Jim is in a rock band and can relate to artists and their dreams.

So what’s ahead? Well everything. It is going to be a busy year. I have taken on the role as President of Romance Writers of New Zealand, an organisation close to my heart. But my advice to you all is this- if anything is stopping you from reaching your potential- don’t let it.
Rewrite your destiny. Believe in yourself and figure out where you want to be and do what it takes to get there.

Good luck and Achieve the Best you can:-)


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