Being True to yourself

freedom-1Today was another classic day of too much work and not enough time. But the one thing I had to do was take some time to read  the book by Courtney Milan– the last book in the Brothers Sinister Series- The Suffragate Scandal. I have to admit to not having read historical romances for years, only because I preferred contemporary and it has been years since I have found someone who grabbed my attention. When I met Courtney at the conference this year- I have to admit, her attitude about life made me want to read her books and I am glad I did.

In this final book I am learning about a free spirit named Free(Frederica). Very aptly named. For the time period this book is set (1877) she has some very modern views on life. Like woman can actually have thoughts of their own and can contribute to society.

I look at the life my mother has lived and I think that my life could have been so different if I was bound by the same rules she had to contend with. My mother wasn’t allowed to finish her education because her father didn’t think that it was necessary for females to have an education. After all she would probably marry and have children and would have no use for a job- because why would woman need careers.

My mother wanted to become a nurse, a dream she never achieved but one I did. Mum passed her driving test when she turned 50, so I guess in her own way she had that fighting spirit.

I was disowned for choosing to have short hair, something frowned upon in the Indian culture, but my grandfather was extremely set in his ways and if I had it his way, I would have had an arranged marriage and been barefoot and in the kitchen. So glad dad had a modern take on life.

So reading this book has been  refreshing and empowering. I have always believed in never having regrets. I think life is too short to look back and talk about what ifs. I also believe in living your life well and doing as much good as you can because the negative always catches up and you don’t want that in your life when it’s time to tally the pros and cons.

My take is dream big, aim high and always believe in the impossible. And yes I know you have heard all this before, but you know what? It never gets old. But there is enough place in this world for a billion great people. Can you tell me one reason what’s stopping you from being one of them, except maybe …YOU.

Till Later

Huzzah! Suffragettes!




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