When life becomes an Island

Hand_Island_InfoboxHave you ever had those moments when nothing seems to fit anymore?  These are the moments when all the things you used to think were great, aren’t and when you try and reach out for a life line, you find yourself on an Island  with no one else around.

This is when I’d like to swap places with one of my kick ass heroines, because I know that any one of those strong woman I write about will not be satisfied with sitting around waiting to have a solution drop into her lap. She would put on a pair of boots and go out their looking for a way out and if it meant building a bridge/boat to get out of there, you bet she would do just that. I keep forgetting that I write to help people, maybe even help myself. The point I am getting at is really simple. In today’s world we’re all so busy getting from day to day, trying to outbid the last day that we forget to stop and breathe. It’s important to stop and look around, appreciate the people who make us who we are. Without them, we are nobody. We also need to remember that it’s okay to help and be helped. Just don’t be afraid to ask for it when you need it. Life can be an Island, I can relate to that, but if you must- make it a holiday destination rather than your home. It’s much better if there is a way out:-)

Take Care



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