Today is voting day here in NZ and it has been an interesting few weeks to the run up of voting day.
Coming from a country where we actually were not allowed to vote until the 1990’s I find all of this very fascinating. Especially when the news has now announced this has been the worst campaign in NZ history and then I have to blink and wonder if I am on a movie set.
Well that’s politics for you and enough said about that.
So 15 years ago, today I was rushing in to hospital, in early labour. I remember thinking, damn this pain is a lot different than the last time. Wasn’t labour pain supposed to be the same, well here’s a newsflash, not always. Then I go in to hospital, and I get stuck with this midwife who was strange to say the least. When I asked for some pain relief, she wanted to give me a break down of the cost. Have you tried being rational to someone in acute Labour? My advice- don’t try it.
Then if my memory serves me correct I told her I was ready to deliver. being a nurse and having had one child already and that little girl had been a quick delivery, I knew, this next one might be a quick delivery and my doctor needed to be called. My midwife then said, you can’t be ready to deliver, I checked you and you were not ready.
After some prompting- I got her to check, which she did and then any guesses for what she said next?
“Don’t do anything your doctor isn’t here. You can’t deliver this baby without him.”
Funny thing is, baby’s have their own schedule, my baby included.
Long storIMG_0376y short- 7.19am on the 20th September I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.

He came four weeks early and was the boy I was hoping for

Happy birthday son

Love mum


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