Staying on track

I am sure two days ago it was Monday but the days seem to blur into each other and I find it difficult to keep on track. In the next few weeks I will be preparing to go back to South Africa, and if I am honest I can say that I am not looking forward to this trip. I wasn’t looking forward to it last year either. It’s always hard to say goodbye and this time it’s going to be different and there is nothing I can do to change that. So instead I am going to try and stay on track and focus on something that I can promise to do before the end of this year and have you all help me achieve this.
I am going to credit my talented daughter for her artistic eye and I do hope you all enjoy my next release that I hope to have out before December.
I started this book last year when I was taking care of my dad when he was ill in South Africa. I have found difficulty finishing it because I never got to grieve with my family. So this one is from the heart.



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