Increasing productivity and word counts

If you’re a procrastinator like me, you’re probably going to put off reading this until another time. After all it’s much better to find something better to do than talk about increasing your productivity and word counts, it’s not as though you want to start writing faster and have more words on paper. After all, what are you trying to achieve here, write a book in a month or two?

Well, I have always been a fast writer and that doesn’t mean I write an amazing book in a month, but as someone great once said- you can’t edit a blank page. So in order to be called a writer, one has to write. The one thing I have learned from writing consistently and this has been something that has been one of those hindsight moments in my life, is the more frequently you write, the better you get at it.

So how did I learn this lesson, well I had to start from the beginning. I had to make writing a habit rather than a chore and something I had to get done. Did you know it takes three to four weeks to get into a routine or habit of doing something. It’s when your body or mind gets used to doing the same thing. So that’s what I did, I followed the same routine, since the beginning of this year and now, it’s part of me and what I do. If I don’t write every day, then I feel lost and incomplete.

So you might ask, how to increase my word count. Well, before I write, I think about what I’m going to write. So I plot or plan the scene ahead. You can write this down, just quick points. You’re going from point A to D and while you’re going there, somewhere in-between there’s going to be a car crash and a baby crying and gunshots are heard.

This process may not work for you, and you may choose to forget all of this and just sit at the computer and tap the keyboard until you hit that word count.

Either way, I don’t think it matters too much how you get there, just that we get there in the end.

Happy writing or reading.



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