Breaking the Cycle

Have you ever tried going to the gym or starting a new project and then thought- nah, can’t be bothered. Or do you start and then something happens and you skip one day and then it becomes easier to skip the second day and before you know it, you just don’t have the time or nothing happens the way you want it.

Well let me introduce you to the biggest procrastinator. Me. I am known for starting projects and then giving up. I get bored easily.

I also get easily disappointed. So I often ask myself, what would work for me as a writer to get me out of the procrastination cycle?

Well that is easy. Or at least I think it is. Anyway take my word for it, it has worked for me.

It takes at least three weeks of consistently doing something to get into the rhythm of doing it. Not breaking that stride actually means you get used to the routine and it becomes something you do as part of your daily routine.

The other gem of advice I came across and has worked wonders is write everyday. If you do flex those muscles every day, you become good at writing. It becomes natural for you.

I can attest to that. When I did the book in 30 days, I realized it was the best writing I had ever done.

The plot and conflict came together. I didn’t have to worry about flow, the book wrote itself.

So my advice is try it and let me know what you think.

Happy Writing:-)



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