Achieving what you believe

nelson quotes-4For me it’s countdown time. The last year has been challenging to say the least. Sometimes as hard headed as I am- I still haven’t learnt how to say No. I have this tendency to love helping people. Must be a genetic defect because mum has the same problem. Or maybe it comes with the nurse and need to heal thing. Whatever it is, I think I can say without a doubt that I have a weakness for saying yes, when I actually should be taking care of myself. Lucky for me my daughter  makes sure I don’t overdo it.

So the next few months are going to be jam packed. To start it off, I get to go for my First Australian Romance Writers Conference in Melbourne. I’m actually looking forward to it. Normally I’d be scared because I’m traveling alone and I don’t know anyone in Melbourne. RWA conferences are usually much bigger than RWNZ so it’s bound to be scary, but I’ve grown up somewhere along the way. Maybe I got better at faking being okay when I’m not, either way, it works:-)

When I get back we have our own RWNZ conference and as I’ve been planning it with some wonderful people all year, I am hoping for a fabulous conference. I also get to handover to the new President of RWNZ and get to have my life  back again. I won’t be able to be called the President anymore, but between you and me, I really won’t miss it.

Then there’s Armageddon with my baby girl. We get to meet the original Flash, stars from Arrow, and a few other popular TV shows. Last time I met McGyver, shook his hand and knew anything was possible as long as you tried hard.

Looking in, people might think life is perfect. I wish I could tell you it’s a box of birds. Life is never perfect and nothing is as it seems. People who make it look easy just struggled harder so it seems that way. People who are confident are really insecure at times and wonder when it’s all going to come tumbling down.

I can tell you that life is what you make of it and that you should believe in yourself and visualise what you want and it will happen. I can tell you it works and you might think I’m a little quirky.

But that being said, whatever you believe there’s only one thing that has to be important in your life. Be positive in your own life and don’t wish negativity on anyone else. Life is way to short for that sort of carry on.






Believe It or Not!!!

The last two weeks have been meh. Being someone who can’t stand the cold- it didn’t help that Auckland has been having a cold spell. At times like this it’s hard to be perky, especially when you’re trying to keep it all together. So after a strong dose of antibiotics to fight off a chest infection and after a jab of the good stuff to bring up the B12 levels, maybe perky is an understatement, but at least I’m feeling human again. Okay, almost human again. Anyway back to the important stuff, while I was in my ‘there has to be something better than this phase?’ I decided I was tired of doing nothing to help myself.

I know I’m meant to be busy planning conferences and focusing on being President of a Romance Writers organisation, but I wanted to do something for me. Something that would perk me up and make me believe that all this work and hard sweat was towards something.

So I set myself a goal and decided I would go all out to achieve it. After all, that’s what I do. At least that’s what I try my best to do. So I did my thing and gave it all I had and I hit #1 on the Amazon Best Seller List.

#4 in the Mystery/Thriller and Suspense List.

Do you know this means I can call myself a Best selling author. It’s not as prestigous as NYT or USA best selling, but it is best selling.

That’s huge. That’s a wow. I suppose it’s like making it into the minor leagues.

So my point is- great things do come to those who work hard to achieve their dreams. If you want something, you have to work at it. If you’re not willing to work at something or fight to achieve what you want, then it’s not worth the effort. So aim high, dream big and know that the work you put in will be rewarded.

Much good luck to you, I’m keeping my high for now:-)


number one best seller

Coffee Cups Saturday- Binge Watching

Thanks to Lightbox I have been indulging in some down time. Please don’t judge me, but my brain needs to soak in some creative dialogue in the form of background noise and I find Downton Abbey a great source of the right stuff. I think what got me hooked was the bit on woman having opinions- Lady Violet Crawley, the Dowager Countess: has a view and it is simple . Her granddaughter should not have an opinion until she is married–then her husband will tell her what her opinions are.

Witty dialogue and drama in a classic setting. If you haven’t started watching this series, then you’re definitely in for a treat, but I will warn you. It does become addictive and do warn the rest of the family they might hear laughing and screaming if you’re watching it on your IPAD.

So it’s Saturday and I spent a productive afternoon with 2 absolutely fabulous people and we have been doing some work for the RWNZ conference coming in August. I keep forgetting there are people out there who can identify what a major thing this is and they are so willing to help. RWNZ rocks and Love Thrills is going to be another event to remember. Now I am actually looking forward to this conference and it’s not this event I have to get through.

I think I am going to enjoy and relax this year. Well here’s hoping.

No rest for the wicked though. It’s back to work tomorrow.

Here’s another one of my faves- seriously- if you haven’t started watching then get yourself to a Downton Abbey series near you.



Coffee Cups Saturday- So what are your weekend plans?

They say we could do with a day between Saturday and Sunday. Personally I would schedule a spoil me day. I would read a good book without having to be interrupted by the twenty things I should be doing. I’d schedule a hair appt, get my nails done and if I had time I’d go watch the new movie with Brad Cooper.

Instead I am thinking about writing part three of a paranormal series. I am itching to plot a new suspense thriller, and I have a medical romance that needs finishing. Add to that an RWNZ conference that’s two months away and RWNZ president duties,  I think I will schedule in my breakdown for mid July.

If only life were easy. When your life gets to be a roller coaster, what do you do to cope?

Lucky for me I have amazing friends who understand. Friends in the writing world who understand the pressures we face because there are still people out there who don’t consider this a serious profession. I am not sure I will ever get past the ‘so you quit your full time job, to pursue this dream?’ I can almost see them calling for the psych consult and I think, but I know I can do this, I just need you to believe as much as I do.

So now that I have lists and have delegated tasks, things don’t appear to be as scary. What’s that saying- How do you chew an elephant? One bite at a time.

Remember the only thing that stops you from achieving your dreams is you.

So now that I have more breathing space, I have time to enjoy a cup of coffee on a Saturday and enjoy me time. So what do I choose to do? I am enjoying Louisa George’s book- A Deal with the Devil. Louisa never fails to amaze me with her writing. I have already read 60% of this book and she has a knack of drawing you in, in that way that leaves you wanting more.

I don’t want to give you any spoilers but I have to say, Rey is a typical bad boy, who really isn’t a bad boy. I always love those types with a dark past that pick themselves up and make the best of their chances. As for Kate, she is a strong, kick ass woman who is looking out for her brother. She’s just discovered some beautiful body ink and I am going to have to leave you, because I’m sensing something more to come.

Hopefully we can do this again


Ever Written a Book in a Month

Who knew that changing your focus in life would be such hard work, even though it’s a passion? Well actually I did. I always say to my children you have to work hard for what you get in life and here I am having to take a page out of the proverbial book. So long story short, it been hell and challenging but rewarding in it’s own way.

I’ve grown from being an inbetweener plotter/ pantser, to a plotter/puzzler and maybe only people in the writing world may understand.

I have cried when I had to cut half my book and sometimes I cut bits I really, really liked (well I still have them in a junk folder- us writers never delete). Words that I thought were fabulous.

And you know what- I switched genres and titles and my baby girl- well I told her she was fired- well chances are- she wanted to fire me, because I changed my cover so many times- because of the title and series and name etc.- but she did an awesome job on the cover (I do hope you agree)-  that’s what happens when you give birth to talent LOL

But- it’s a learning curve and I grew as the book grew and the story developed and now I can’t wait for you to read it. But I suppose I have to publish it first. Okay. calm down- I’ll get to it.

So the book will be out in February. I decided not to rush it. I want to put out my best and I did have to grieve for all those words I cut. Did I mention it was half the book?

Well that’s me. I will tell you all about it. But right now, I would like to reveal the new Book Cover and Title for my next release- a Romantic Suspense called Being Sophie. It’s going to be Book 1 in the Blood Ties Series.

I would give you more details- but I figured if you visit me more often- you might find more little bits here:-)

Take care now


Blood ties1

Yikes it’s 2015

It’s the first week of 2015 and like everyone else around, I find myself wondering: Where are those flying cars and Back to The Future stuff we were meant to see:-)
20 years ago we were expecting a lot to happen and years before that there were all these predictions about how life would be in the future.
For many of us, the future is now here and the lesson to be learned is, are we going to wait for life to come to us, or are we going to make life happen.
2014 has been a tough year for many, but for someone like me I can’t stop seeing the possibilities this new year has to offer. After all let’s face it, the future isn’t set or written, so why don’t we just make it up as we go.
So this is my attempt at making things up in the new year. I am going to publish my next book called Sophie’s Choice, and if you’re interested the first chapter is on my website.
I am going to never look back and never have regrets…oh wait, I already live my life with that philosophy. LOL.
Well, I am going to make sure that I do everything in my power to achieve what I set out to, because I believe anything is possible:-)
I hope this year brings you much good health and good luck. If you haven’t written you goals for 2015, be grateful for all you have achieved in 2014 and then make your goals and achieve your heart’s desire in 2015.
Happy 2015

Sophie’s Choice By Kamy Chetty

Book One of the Sisterhood Diaries


Read Chapter One

Being True to yourself

freedom-1Today was another classic day of too much work and not enough time. But the one thing I had to do was take some time to read  the book by Courtney Milan– the last book in the Brothers Sinister Series- The Suffragate Scandal. I have to admit to not having read historical romances for years, only because I preferred contemporary and it has been years since I have found someone who grabbed my attention. When I met Courtney at the conference this year- I have to admit, her attitude about life made me want to read her books and I am glad I did.

In this final book I am learning about a free spirit named Free(Frederica). Very aptly named. For the time period this book is set (1877) she has some very modern views on life. Like woman can actually have thoughts of their own and can contribute to society.

I look at the life my mother has lived and I think that my life could have been so different if I was bound by the same rules she had to contend with. My mother wasn’t allowed to finish her education because her father didn’t think that it was necessary for females to have an education. After all she would probably marry and have children and would have no use for a job- because why would woman need careers.

My mother wanted to become a nurse, a dream she never achieved but one I did. Mum passed her driving test when she turned 50, so I guess in her own way she had that fighting spirit.

I was disowned for choosing to have short hair, something frowned upon in the Indian culture, but my grandfather was extremely set in his ways and if I had it his way, I would have had an arranged marriage and been barefoot and in the kitchen. So glad dad had a modern take on life.

So reading this book has been  refreshing and empowering. I have always believed in never having regrets. I think life is too short to look back and talk about what ifs. I also believe in living your life well and doing as much good as you can because the negative always catches up and you don’t want that in your life when it’s time to tally the pros and cons.

My take is dream big, aim high and always believe in the impossible. And yes I know you have heard all this before, but you know what? It never gets old. But there is enough place in this world for a billion great people. Can you tell me one reason what’s stopping you from being one of them, except maybe …YOU.

Till Later

Huzzah! Suffragettes!