Dream of becoming yourself

I don’t know whether there were many dry eyes around when our skipper went up to collect his jersey this weekend. Watching him stand there as his coach spoke I could see the emotion on his face. It made me wonder if he knew he was going to have such a huge impact on rugby and New Zealand when he was growing up.

We all dream of becoming someone big. Someone else. A legend in the eyes of everyone and yet none of us imagine of becoming the legends ourselves. The future legends of the worlds. Why dream of becoming the next JKR or Nora Roberts when I can become me. What’s stopping me but me? What’s stopping you but you?

Yeah I know that talk is easy. But you know what, if you’re willing to back it up with hard work, then it’s an awesome start to the best journey you can dream up.

I’ve never been one to shy away from a challenge and in two weeks I get to follow the dream with all my heart and have no excuse to stop me.

So you’ve heard it here first. The challenge is on:-)

You take care





Almost hump day!!

To me it feels more like a Monday than a Tuesday evening but what do I know. When you have busy weeks they all seem to melt into each other and you focus on getting through the day rather than thinking about the end of the week.

So you can tell, it’s the usual end of the quarter stuff, which for us in the medical world means, meet those health targets before June 30th. I could say a lot more about how I feel about pushing through lists but I’m too tired for a political debate.

So instead I will focus on this. While I was listening to my usual positive ‘No Excuses’ meditation, I could literally feel all the signs of stress I had. It’s one thing to know about the signs and talk to people about managing their stress levels, but it’s definitely a whole other thing when you have an outer body type experience and you can see yourself in a state of high anxiety.

Writing about it helps, hence the blog and the change in theme of the blog recently. But there is something else that helps too. Focus. Absolute focus on what the end goal is.

Absolute belief this is going to work out and everything will fall into place. So just when I feel I am coming down that slippery slide of hope-less-ness- I have to take a moment, take a breath, believe.

Yes it’s like holding onto something fragile , while being flushed by a huge force, but guess what, you don’t go on this journey alone.

It’s only when I am rushing around, trying to keep up, and find my daughter has my breakfast and coffee ready, that I realize, I am lucky. Really lucky to be given this chance to go after what I really want. Something my parents never had the chance to do. It’s a gift to be able to live your dream, one I am grateful for. It will be so easy to give up. So easy to slip back into the non believer, or the person who walks away from this all consuming need to be different. Be fulfilled. Be amazed at what the world can offer.

I know, it’s me rambling on again, but you know what. This keeps me focused. It keeps me grounded and when I can see that end goal and I know that every shift, every tired never ending day brings me a step closer to what I really want, then it’s worth it.

So again we go on this roller coaster. I think it’s okay to do that. As long as we recognize the signs of that oncoming bus or truck that has exhaustion and burn out in big bright letters on the side. So keep yourself safe.

Music, candles and meditation just to relax. Or maybe just take it easy and do nothing. Pace yourself. Because when your dream does come true, it’s going to be all go!!!

Go Me!!!

I have spent my life believing in a dream and working towards achieving that. Now I am at the point in my life that I believe enough in myself and my future to take a chance. It is the scariest thing I have ever done and if I didn’t have the support of my very own hero who has always stood by me, I would never have taken this huge leap. But having someone standing next to me who has so much of faith in me has made me believe in achieving everything I’ve ever wanted and believe me it’s an awesome feeling. I am not going to deny, I was pushed a little by fate but it doesn’t make it any less real.

So here goes. I am going to make sure that I use all my energies to become a great writer. I feel that I have been given a new lease on life and I have always believed life is what you make of it.

This is a wonderful painting by Kagaya and I happen to think this Phoenix is stunning.

Always Believe;-)

Explaining your Dream

Today I found myself in the situation where I had to explain my dream and my goals. Of course I got extremely passionate as I am very motivated but what I did realise is that for me writing has become something more than a hobby or escapism. I used to write because it was an avenue of escape. I have a very stressful job but today I stood up and focused on something a lot more than the job. I focused on me, my dreams and my goal to be a serious writer.

So in a way- today was a pivotal moment in my life. I’m comparing this moment to the Boston Tea party and the dumping of tea or woman taking to the streets and burning their bras.

Unfortunately or should I say fortunately all of this happened way before my time. As you can see I do get a little dramatic but I do think this was a milestone in my life.

But the end result is it felt really good to take a stand and say-my writing is important to me. I have a dream and I want to be published and in order to achieve this dream I have to work very very hard.

What makes it all worth it is when I slip up and say things like, ‘if I get published….’, my daughter, firstborn and greatest believer in me says-‘mum, not if, WHEN.’ Fourteen years old and such a believer in dreams. I wonder where she gets it from?

Well there you go fellow writers, Believe and never give up and if you have to-Explain your Dream.

Happy Dreams

Happy writing