Almost hump day!!

To me it feels more like a Monday than a Tuesday evening but what do I know. When you have busy weeks they all seem to melt into each other and you focus on getting through the day rather than thinking about the end of the week.

So you can tell, it’s the usual end of the quarter stuff, which for us in the medical world means, meet those health targets before June 30th. I could say a lot more about how I feel about pushing through lists but I’m too tired for a political debate.

So instead I will focus on this. While I was listening to my usual positive ‘No Excuses’ meditation, I could literally feel all the signs of stress I had. It’s one thing to know about the signs and talk to people about managing their stress levels, but it’s definitely a whole other thing when you have an outer body type experience and you can see yourself in a state of high anxiety.

Writing about it helps, hence the blog and the change in theme of the blog recently. But there is something else that helps too. Focus. Absolute focus on what the end goal is.

Absolute belief this is going to work out and everything will fall into place. So just when I feel I am coming down that slippery slide of hope-less-ness- I have to take a moment, take a breath, believe.

Yes it’s like holding onto something fragile , while being flushed by a huge force, but guess what, you don’t go on this journey alone.

It’s only when I am rushing around, trying to keep up, and find my daughter has my breakfast and coffee ready, that I realize, I am lucky. Really lucky to be given this chance to go after what I really want. Something my parents never had the chance to do. It’s a gift to be able to live your dream, one I am grateful for. It will be so easy to give up. So easy to slip back into the non believer, or the person who walks away from this all consuming need to be different. Be fulfilled. Be amazed at what the world can offer.

I know, it’s me rambling on again, but you know what. This keeps me focused. It keeps me grounded and when I can see that end goal and I know that every shift, every tired never ending day brings me a step closer to what I really want, then it’s worth it.

So again we go on this roller coaster. I think it’s okay to do that. As long as we recognize the signs of that oncoming bus or truck that has exhaustion and burn out in big bright letters on the side. So keep yourself safe.

Music, candles and meditation just to relax. Or maybe just take it easy and do nothing. Pace yourself. Because when your dream does come true, it’s going to be all go!!!


Coffee Cups Saturday- Bazinga!!!

Ever had one of those weeks when everything goes wrong and you think, where is the fast forward button because I could really use a fresh start. Well that’s basically what my week turned out to be. Only I hit the button and it’s now the end of the week and I’m right back where I started. More fool me. Is it me or are the days getting shorter and we’re not able to fit everything we need to do into a full working day? Maybe it’s not the days that are getting shorter, but the lists of things to do that’s getting longer. Either way, I find my coping mechanisms are getting a little worn out and I have to supplement them with a good dose of TLC and positive vibes.

Someone once said to me, why does a person like you need to listen to positive and inspirational speakers? I only needed a second to think about that one. It’s a crazy world out there and with everything going on, it’s so easy to be sucked in by all the bad stuff. If you don’t focus on what’s good in your life, then all that negative emotions tend to rule your life.

It’s a lot easier to live your life by the law of attraction. I fail at that a lot. Mostly because I am tired and I give a lot of myself to my job and to others. I haven’t perfected the art of saying no or of turning away from people in need, but somehow I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

The point I am trying to make is, you don’t have to be perfect to want to make a difference in your life or the life of others. You only need to have the desire to change, and you have to want to be better than you are. I think it goes something like that. But I suppose as long as at the end, you choose to be a better person who contributes and changes for a positive outcome, then it’s worth it. At least I hope so.

Here’s to the hard choices ahead and the strength and courage we will need to endure them.

Happy days