Dream of becoming yourself

I don’t know whether there were many dry eyes around when our skipper went up to collect his jersey this weekend. Watching him stand there as his coach spoke I could see the emotion on his face. It made me wonder if he knew he was going to have such a huge impact on rugby and New Zealand when he was growing up.

We all dream of becoming someone big. Someone else. A legend in the eyes of everyone and yet none of us imagine of becoming the legends ourselves. The future legends of the worlds. Why dream of becoming the next JKR or Nora Roberts when I can become me. What’s stopping me but me? What’s stopping you but you?

Yeah I know that talk is easy. But you know what, if you’re willing to back it up with hard work, then it’s an awesome start to the best journey you can dream up.

I’ve never been one to shy away from a challenge and in two weeks I get to follow the dream with all my heart and have no excuse to stop me.

So you’ve heard it here first. The challenge is on:-)

You take care